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Marxon Shines at Solar & Storage Live UK 2023 Exhibition | Paving the Way alongside Solar Power
Release time:2023.11.22

Marxon Shines at Solar & Storage Live UK 2023 Exhibition on October 17-19, Offering a Variety of Energy Storage Products for Visitors' Diverse Needs!

On-Site Visit for Clients: Explore a Diverse Range of Energy Storage Products

Marxon's Home Energy Storage Solar Inverter, a Highlight at the Exhibition, Embraces the Solar Energy Theme with its Wall-Mounted Design. The solar panels convert sunlight into grid electricity through the inverter, providing power for household appliances such as TVs, computers, and kitchen appliances. This energy storage photovoltaic inverter adopts a full-bridge circuit architecture and is controlled by a microprocessor. It undergoes modulation, filtering, and boosting processes to deliver sinusoidal AC power that matches the lighting load frequency and rated voltage, catering to end-users' system requirements. In addition to the wall-mounted design, Maxon offers stackable, rack-mounted, and integrated energy storage systems.