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Advanced Manufacturing | MARXON Unveils its Presence at the 135th Canton Fair
Release time:2024.04.26

On April 15th, the 135th China Import and Export Fair opened in Guangzhou. With the theme of " Serving High-Quality Development, Promoting High-Level Opening-up," this edition of the Canton Fair featured offline exhibitions and online platforms for normalized operation, which took place from April 15th to May 5th in three phases.

From April 15th to 19th, MARXON made a dazzling appearance at the Phase 1 exhibition under the theme of "Advanced Manufacturing," seeking business opportunities, expanding markets, and exploring potential cooperation with foreign partners.

At this year's Canton Fair, MARXON showcased over 30 products, including chargers, starters, inverters, energy storage power supplies, battery testers, and motorcycle lithium batteries. These products cater to various needs in the emerging fields of electric vehicle charging, battery emergency starting, home and outdoor emergency power supply, and battery performance testing. Each series demonstrates the outstanding quality and limitless charm of Chinese manufacturing to the world.

At the bustling venue of the Canton Fair, MARXON's exhibited products immediately caught the attention of numerous visitors. They approached our staff, engaged in conversations, inquired about the products, discussed their requirements, and asked about pricing. Many visitors expressed strong interest in cooperation after learning about the detailed performance and pricing of the electronic products.

MARXON Booth Flourishes at the Fair

Mobile energy storage power products have been particularly popular among attendees and are the main attraction of this exhibition. With the widespread adoption of renewable energy and the increasing number of smart devices, the demand for portable mobile energy storage power is rapidly growing. MARXON showcased mobile energy storage products with different capacities of 300W, 600W, and 1500W, and their unique design appealed to many inquiring visitors. These products are compact, lightweight, and support three charging methods: grid power, car charging, and solar charging. They can be used in various scenarios such as outdoor camping, photography, live streaming, travel, mobile office, and medical equipment, providing convenient power solutions for our daily lives.

Business Discussions with Clients

Memorable Moments with Prospective Clients

As a comprehensive international trade platform, the Canton Fair provides an opportunity for buyers and sellers from around the world to communicate and engage in transactions. MARXON, recognizing the trends of development, actively participated in this grand event. By showcasing the company's innovative strength and product advantages, MARXON not only demonstrated its capabilities but also engaged in in-depth discussions with domestic and international business partners, capturing the latest market dynamics and trends in demand. This holds significant importance for the company's future product development and market expansion endeavors.

The Canton Fair stands as a crucial platform for China's engagement with the world, bearing witness to the remarkable history of China's reform and opening-up. It has become a significant stage for promoting mutual prosperity and symbiotic growth between China and the global economy. MARXON, with a commitment to innovation, will continue to integrate advanced manufacturing into its corporate development. By doing so, MARXON aims to provide global customers with a greater range of high-quality and efficient electronic products.